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We are so glad that you are here.

Our Edmonton team of psychologists and health professionals has been hand picked for their exceptional knowledge and expertise to help you achieve your desired health and wellness goals. Whether you are struggling with anxiety, stress, depression, trauma-related disorders, chronic pain, or a general imbalance in your life, we are here to help you achieve whole healing and inner balance.

Begin your path to better health, balance, peace and happiness.

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WHAT TO EXPECT WHEN YOU VISIT solace psychology & wellness, south edmonton

Enjoy a mini coastal retreat and a profound stress-relieving, healing experience.

When you visit Solace Psychology & Wellness you will be greeted by our friendly and welcoming Client Services Team.

Relax with a soothing cup of herbal tea or cozy up with a hot coffee. Enjoy the calming coastal, spa-like atmosphere complete with soft zen music, aromatherapy and the aesthetics of a tropical oasis. A sense of calm transports you from the hustle-bustle of everyday life to a tranquil retreat.

Children can enjoy the Kids Corner stocked with colouring materials and therapeutic books before their appointment in our enriching play therapy room.

detoxify and rejuvenate your mind and body


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Rooted in a holistic approach to well-being, we offer health services for your mind, body and soul. Revitalize your body with a massage treatment, break free of self-limiting beliefs through counselling, and lift your spirit with trauma-informed yoga or self-compassion meditation.

calming space

Solace and tranquility are pervasive throughout our wellness space.

Psychological research shows the powerful effects of the environment on our emotions and mindset. Our wellness clinic was specially designed to reduce anxiety as we have created a soothing atmosphere, allowing you to heal and recharge.  Enjoy a mini escape in our coastal-inspired space and take a nature walk around the lake to refocus your energy before or after your session. Leave our clinic feeling refreshed, balanced and content.

specialized services

Quiet your mind, ease stress and anxiety, and reconnect with yourself.

We offer evidence-based, personalized wellness treatments tailored to each client’s and family’s unique needs and goals. As health is multi-factorial, we offer services that are complementary to one another to enhance the mind, body and soul. We want you to feel your best mentally, emotionally and physically. Our team is honoured to help our clients achieve real results as they regain inner-strength and happiness, rebuild their lives, and learn to love themselves again. We want to see you and your family succeed and thrive, not just survive.

qualified team

You are in good hands.

Our compassionate team believes in treating the whole person rather than mending a few symptoms. Our professionals have extensive knowledge, training and experience in their respective fields, and are continuously engaging in professional development to stay current with best practices. Our pediatric team prioritizes establishing healthy, trusting relationships with you and your children so that your littles can learn the best tools for their developmental stage.

Our Team


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Our psychological and wellness practitioners will work collaboratively with you and your family to provide you with the utmost, well-rounded care. Our pediatric team is known for their ability to genuinely connect with children and caregivers in order to provide supports that best foster growth and development. Everyone on our team is relatable, authentic and friendly, yet professional and knowledgeable. 


Vanessa Goodchild Psychologist South Edmonton

vanessa goodchild

Registered Psychologist

EMDR Therapist

Founder & Clinical Director
Children, Teens, Adults, & Couples
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Registered Psychologist, Clinical Supervisor, EMDR Therapist, Gottman Therapist

Children, Adults, Couples & Families

amer aujla

Registered Psychologist

Teens & Adults
Psychologist South Edmonton

andrea vera

Registered Psychologist

Teens & Adults
Psychologist South Edmonton

mikyla cleary

Registered Provisional Psychologist, EMDR therapist

Children, Teens, Adults, Couples & Families
Psychologist South Edmonton

kristen brown

Registered Provisional Psychologist, Gottman Therapist

Children, Teens, Adults & Couples
Psychologist South Edmonton

hayley (story) Bailey

Registered Provisional Psychologist, EMDR Therapist, Gottman Therapist

Teens, Adults & Couples
Psychologist South Edmonton

samantha naidu

Registered Provisional Psychologist, EMDR Therapist

Teens, Adults, Couples & Families
Psychologist South Edmonton


Registered Provisional Psychologist, ADHD Coach

Children, Teens, Adults & Families
Psychologist South Edmonton

cristina orobio

Registered Provisional Psychologist, EMDR therapist

Children, Teens, Adults, Couples & Families
edmonton therapist PSYCHOLOGIST(22)


Registered Provisional Psychologist

Children, Teens, Adults & Families
Psychologist South Edmonton

brooke greenwood

Mental Health Therapist, Somatic Therapist

Teens & Adults
edmonton therapist headshot (29)


Registered Provisional Psychologist

Children, Teens, Adults, & Families
Danielle Charron Psychologist South Edmonton

danielle charron

Registered Psychologist

Children, Teens & Adults


Mental Health Therapist, Somatic Therapist

Children, Teens, & Adults
edmonton therapist counselling


Counselling Intern

Children, Teens, Adults & Couples
edmonton therapist counsellor


Counselling Intern

Children, Teens, Adults, & Families


edmonton therapist headshot (26)


Registered Dietitian

Children & Adults
Registered Dietitian
Children & Adults
edmonton therapist psychologist


Registered Massage Therapist

Children & Adults

client services


Clinic Manager

edmonton psychologist therapy


Director of Client Services

BRYNN Goacher

Assistant Director of Client Services


Client Services


Client Services

haley markel

Client Services


Clinic Volunteer

edmonton therapist headshot (25)


Clinic Volunteer

edmonton therapist counselling 2 (41)

Monisha Mohan

Clinic Volunteer

melissa lam

Clinic Volunteer

OUR values


holistic wellness

Health is multidimensional. We know that healing must take place emotionally, mentally and physically to establish overall balance, well-being and resilience. Our team of psychologists and health specialists has come together to offer you and your family varying therapeutic and clinical services in one place. Through collaboration and consultation, we are able to provide you with the consistent, quality care that you deserve. 

compassionate care

We bring our authentic selves to our sessions and pride ourselves on genuinely caring for the well-being of each client and family that we work with. Compassion is at the core of everything we do, from our team’s client-centered approach to our clean, relaxing environment. We are dedicated to helping you and your family grow into the best version of yourselves by providing the highest standard of care. 

professional integrity

Our commitment to excellence and going above and beyond for each client has led to our positive reputation within the community. The work that we do is heavily rooted in best ethical practice as our specialists belong to various professional associations across North America. Ongoing professional development is highly valued as we consistently partake in and present at conferences and trainings. 

real results

Our psychological and wellness team strives to help you and your family establish meaningful change in your life to achieve long lasting results. We take your wellness goals seriously and will provide you with the best tools and treatments that are supported by research. We want you step out of our clinic feeling more positive and hopeful, and for you to experience optimal health and well-being.

By taking time to look after and nurture ourselves, our loved ones and the world we live in, we start an infinite, positive ripple effect on the mind, our emotions, and ultimately our interactions with the world around us. 

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