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Are you constantly stressed, anxious or worried?

Are you holding onto negative emotions and tension?

Are you looking for a healing place to reset your mind and body?

Are you in need of a calming retreat just for yourself?

Discover inner-peace, relaxation and solace.

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how can yoga & meditation benefit you?

Allowing yourself to slow down and honour who you are in this present moment can have profound effects on your emotional, mental, physical and spiritual well-being. Slowing down the breath, body and mind rebalances your nervous system so that you can refresh your mind and discover inner-peace and clarity. The antidote to a busy, stressful life is stillness, connection and tranquility, which is what you will discover at Solace Psychology & Wellness, South Edmonton.

Reconnect with your soul.

We have created a wonderful blend of meditation + yoga sessions to help ease stress and anxiety, encourage self-love and self-growth, and promote relaxation and healing.

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20% off your initial yoga session.

Stay tuned for our Fall Schedule.

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Rebalance your mind, body & soul.

edmonton massage therapy

Rebalance your mind, body & soul.

edmonton massage therapy

areas of specialty
yoga + meditation practice
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Self-Love & Self-Compassion
Stress Management
Confidence & Self-Esteem
Life Balance
Overall Wellness
Inner Peace

edmonton meditation yoga

reduce stress & anxiety

Yoga and meditation are powerful tools to calm the anxious brain and bring serenity to your soul. Research shows that the more you practice, the more you are rewiring your brain to become less reactive to stressful situations.

discover self-compassion

Rather than being your own worst critic, you will learn how to love yourself and appreciate your inner-strength, wisdom and resilience. Cultivate self-compassion (love and kindness) and buffer out judgement, denial, and hatred. Replace your insecurities and worries with confidence and genuine enlightenment.

experience trauma-informed yoga

Experiencing traumatic events from childhood or adulthood can wreck havoc on your nervous system, resulting in becoming easily triggered and set off. Our instructors aim to curate a safe, nonjudgemental space for you to connect with yourself and others in a private, healing setting. 

the solace experience
our difference

Our compassionate Yoga Instructors practice from a trauma-informed lens, meaning that we understand the impact that traumatic experiences can have on one’s mental, emotional and physical well-being. We are very respectful and mindful of potential triggers pertaining to anxiety and trauma-related disorders. 

Our sessions are unique in that they involve a mix of yin yoga with meditation for self-compassion, self-esteem and gratitude. Rather than striving for ultimate flexibility or achieving the perfect posture, the goal is connect with your soul. Our ambition is to help you reach a state of relaxation, inner-peace, hope and revitalization.

  • Trauma-informed yoga

  • Breathwork for anxiety

  • Tranquil yoga & meditation room

  • Small groups / private sessions

  • Focus on self-compassion

Benefits of yoga & meditation

Feel more clam, relaxed and at peace
Gain perspective on your life
Reduce anxiety and stress levels
Learn how to regulate your nervous system

Boost your confidence and self-esteem
Restore balance in your life
Improve your concentration and focus
Reconnect with your values and goals

Improve your emotional health
Discover your mind’s innate ability to let go
Train your brain to be less emotionally reactive
Improve your energy levels

what is meditation?

Meditation is a popular practice that helps with improving concentration and focus, reducing stress and anxiety, and reconnecting with yourself. Instead of worrying about your to-do list or that last conversation that didn’t go so well, meditation allows you to slow down and focus on the present moment (rather than past or future concerns).

Guided meditation is great for beginners as you are given direction and guidance on what to focus on and how to bring your attention back to the moment when it drifts away. Guided meditation can be as short as 5 minutes or as long as 40 minutes. 

Find your balance.

edmonton yoga meditation

how does meditation work?

the research behind it
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There is plenty of scientific research on the benefits of practicing meditation regularly. When you intentionally slow down your breathing, your mind and body also slow down. This allows your parasympathetic nervous system to switch on (relaxation response) and your sympathetic nervous system (fight or flight response) to turn off, resulting in a reduction of cortisol (stress hormone). 

Practicing meditation allows you to reconnect with your inner-being – your emotions, thoughts, needs and goals. At Solace Psychology & Wellness, you will have a welcoming, comfortable space to slow down and focus within. While practicing meditation can be really difficult on your own, short guided meditation is easier to follow along and tune in. You will follow the sound of your instructor’ voice as they guide you to discover your inner strengths, abilities and wisdom.

Find calmness and peace in your life, beginning with just a few moments of stillness.

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Yoga and Meditation may be covered on your health spending account.

*Please inquire with your provider about the health coverage of your specific policy*
We look forward to meeting you on the yoga mat.

yoga meditation in edmonton

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