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Do you feel mentally unbalanced, but not sure what exactly you are suffering from?

Do you find it challenging to complete tasks, stay motivated or remember things?

Are you struggling with keeping up in university or at work?

Does your child struggle in school or with making new friends?

We are here to help you get to the root of your issues.


How can a Psychological Assessments benefit you or your child?

You or your child may have been struggling for quite some time with mental health issues, learning issues, or ADHD, but just haven’t gotten any clear answers. At Solace Psychology & Wellness, South Edmonton, we have trained Registered Psychologists & Psychometrists who specialize in providing quality assessments to help you gain a better understanding of your specific challenges and needs. You will also be provided with valuable resources and guidance to better cope with your issues.

Receive answers and clarity with a proper diagnosis.

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What can you expect when you undergo a Psychological or Mental Health Assessment?

psychological assessments
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At Solace Psychology & Wellness, we offer a range of Psychological Assessments for youth and adults. Our assessments are very comprehensive as we look at how you or your child is functioning in multiple areas of life.

The components of assessments vary, but typically involve: a clinical interview, assessment testing using qualified test materials, and gathering of background information or reports from teachers or doctors.

Child Assessments include a variety of questionnaires for parents and the child’s teacher to complete, a parental clinical interview to evaluate the child’s strengths and challenges and obtain a developmental history, as well as an observational and clinical session with the child to assess their abilities.

All assessments include a thorough session to discuss the assessment results and learn expert recommendations for overall better functioning and wellness. A psychological report or letter may be provided based on the type of assessment rendered.

If you are unsure of which assessment to book for you or your child, contact us for a FREE consultation with a Psychologist.

Psychological Assessments for Children & Teens


If your child struggles with learning new tasks, remembering information, making new friends, staying on task, or regulating their emotions or behaviour, we can help! We highly recommend booking your child in for a Psychological Assessment so that we can identify the root of their concerns and set them up for success in school, at home and in the world. Early intervention is essential for children to master their skills and strengths. 

*All Assessment Services include a comprehensive follow-up session to discuss the results of the assessment, what the diagnosis/findings actually mean, practical strategies to use with your child, and next steps for success.

Psychoeducational Assessments involve a comprehensive evaluation of your child’s learning and overall functioning in various domains. We will identify your child’s unique strengths and how they learn best, as well as their areas for growth. We will determine why your child finds certain tasks, school subjects, or skills to be challenging. Our Psychologists will work with you to help your child thrive in all areas of life! We offer adequate supports, resources, strategies, and information on accessing funding, school accommodations, and Individualized Program Plans (IPPs). A consultation with your child’s teacher and/or academic team is an option.

Psychoeducational Assessments assess for:

  • Learning Disorders (usually in Math or English)
  • ADHD
  • Developmental Delays / Cognitive Disabilities
  • Emotional Concerns
  • Social Concerns (ex: Social Anxiety Disorder)
  • Behavioural Concerns (ex: ODD)
  • Psychological Concerns (ex: anxiety disorders, depression, trauma-related disorders, OCD, etc.)

*A thorough Psychological Report is included with this assessment. This may be used to access funding supports and learning accommodations. 

The rise of Attention-Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) has warranted a specific ADHD Assessment for children 6 years and older. Children with ADHD may struggle with cognitive (planning, organizing, sustaining attention, competing tasks), behavioural (sitting still, turn taking), and emotional (frustration tolerance, outbursts) dysregulation.

Untreated ADHD can impair a child’s ability to effectively learn, maintain friendships, participate in sports or extracurricular group activities, complete daily tasks for independence, manage their time, and finish projects, which often results in low self-esteem and confidence, as well as anxiety.

The ADHD Assessment will assess for the 3 types of ADHD as well as rule out mental health concerns that may be masking ADHD symptoms or can be combined with ADHD (ex: comorbid disorders). The follow-up session will cover a range of parenting and learning strategies tailed to best help your child succeed. It may be determined that your child would benefit from ADHD Counselling, in which we can make an in-house referral to book your child in quickly. Learning how to cope with ADHD is key for your child to reach their full potential.

*The ADHD Assessment solely assesses for ADHD and rules out other mental health disorders, however, this assessment does not target learning disorders (ex: math, writing skills), resulting in a lower cost than a traditional Psychoeducational Assessment.

*An ADHD Assessment report or letter can be provided upon request.

Over the past decade, the rates of childhood mental health disorders have increased, particularly anxiety and social/emotional/cognitive disorders. If you notice that your child is struggling with sleep, learning, school presentations, making friends, positive thinking (ex: worries, overanalyzes or criticizes), being in crowds, meeting new people, accomplishing tasks (ex: perfectionistic tendencies, lack of motivation), confidence or self-esteem, we can get to the bottom of it. Whether the findings indicate a formal diagnosis for a disorder or rather a cluster of symptoms, you will receive expert recommendations for parental support and types of therapy or resources to pursue. A consultation with your child’s teacher and/or academic team is an option.

*A Mental Health Assessment letter can be provided upon request to advocate for school accommodations.

Our Gifted Assessments are geared towards children who are advanced learners compared to their peers. Children who have above average IQ greatly benefit from educational programs that challenge them and promote academic growth, on a level that keeps them engaged and motivated.

The results of this assessment can be used as part of an application for gifted programs. Recommendations will also be provided for academic modifications.

If your child has been involved in a Motor Vehicle Accident (MVA), they likely have access to FREE counselling, up to a certain amount of time following the accident. Our skilled Child Psychologists will conduct a thorough MVA Assessment which can be utilized to apply for appropriate supports through your automobile insurance policy.

As MVA’s can be abrupt and scary for children (or anyone for that matter), they can cause psychological/emotional distress and even result in Posttraumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) or anxiety disorders. A comprehensive report which includes expert recommendations for treatment can be provided directly to your insurance adjuster.

types of assessments we offer

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Book a FREE consultation to determine which Assessment is best for you or your child.
Let us assist you in helping your child prepare for success in their next grade ahead.

Assessments are covered by most health benefit plans in Edmonton and across Alberta. We offer direct billing to most providers.

*Please inquire with your provider about the health coverage of your specific policy*

benefits of assessments

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Obtain a clear diagnosis and make sense of your symptoms.
Gain an understanding of your unique strengths.
Have a true starting point to learn practical tools to make your life easier.
Identify your specific needs.
Access appropriate resources to support your needs.
Get an appropriate referral to a psychiatrist if needed.
Receive a report or letter with recommendations or accommodations for work or school.

Take the First Step to a Better Life with

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