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mental health assessments edmonton

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psychological assessments edmonton

how can assessments benefit you?

You or your child may have been struggling for quite some time with mental health issues, learning issues, or ADHD, but just haven’t gotten any clear answers. At Solace Psychology & Wellness, South Edmonton, we have trained Registered Psychologists who specialize in providing quality assessments to help you gain a better understanding of your specific challenges and needs.

Receive answers and clarity with a proper diagnosis.

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what can you expect when you undergo a mental health assessment?

psychological assessments
therapy edmonton

At Solace Psychology & Wellness, we offer a range of psychological assessments for youth and adults. Our assessments are very comprehensive as we look at how you or your child is functioning in multiple areas of life.

The components of assessments vary, but typically involve: a clinical interview, assessment testing using qualified test materials, gathering of background information or reports from teachers or doctors, and the final report of interpretation and results.

psychological assessments

children & adults
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Do you feel mentally unbalanced, but not sure what exactly you are suffering from?

Do you or your child struggle achieving your daily goals?

Have you been feeling stressed at work?

Have you been feeling on edge and are easily triggered?

types of assessments we offer

therapy edmonton

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adhd assessments

mental health assessments

motor vehicle accident assessments

pre-marital assessments

return to work / disability leave assessments

Mental Health Assessments are covered by most health benefit plans in Edmonton and across Alberta. We offer direct billing to most providers. 

*Please inquire with your provider about the health coverage of your specific policy*

benefits of assessments

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Gain an understanding of your unique strengths.
Have a true starting point to learn practical tools to make your life easier.
Identify your specific needs.
Access appropriate resources to support your needs.
Get an appropriate referral to a psychiatrist if needed.
Receive a report or letter with recommendations or accommodations for work or school.

Take the First Step to a Better Life with

a psychological assessment

psychological assessments edmonton

mental health assessments edmonton

psychological assessments edmonton