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Hello, my name is Blanca.

I started practicing yoga in 2013 after a friend told me I should try it to help with my anxiety. I still remember my first class, I had no idea what I was doing, and as frustrating as that was, something about it made me want to come back, so I did.

As time went on, I started to notice a shift, not only in me but in the way I started to see the world and others around me. To say that yoga changed my life would be an understatement because it has done so much more.

Yoga & Meditation

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I decided to take my YTT in Vancouver in the summer of 2020 through One Yoga Lions. That experience of being on my own, for 21 days practicing yoga, up to 16 hours on some days has led me here. This feeling of supporting others in finding their own peace, healing, and the teacher within themselves.

Because it is my belief that we are our biggest teachers, sometimes we simply need to quiet our minds and listen to our bodies. Yoga can be that container, and I, the facilitator.

After completing my Vinyasa training, I knew I would eventually like to take a yin training because yin was a style of yoga I felt had really helped me slow down and be in my body, something my nervous system was not accustomed to. I wasn’t looking for training per se, however, one day as I mindlessly scrolled through Instagram, I came across this teacher who taught at a studio here in Edmonton. I started to read the information on the post and on her website, and I instantly knew this is who and what I was looking for, she talked about the nervous system in such a scientific manner, due to her extensive years of university studying child psychology. 

I took my yin training with her in April of 2021, and it was amazing, I truly felt I had learned so much about the nervous system, however, I had no idea that I had only just skimmed the surface.

In the fall of 2021, she contacted me about this new program she would be offering, a one-year mentorship where I would receive a certification in a style of therapy known as Somatics Therapy. As I read through the course material, and of course the fact that I had already taken training with her I was immediately interested. During 2022 for the full year I embarked on a journey I had no idea what the outcome would be, within the first month of our weekly 2-3 hour classes, I felt as though I had suddenly understood everything and everyone around me. 

I am a second-generation immigrant, my parents come from poverty, war, and deep-rooted trauma, I learned everything about the nervous system and how it is developed while we are in our mother’s belly, therefore, we are synced. I suddenly viewed the world differently, with more compassion and kindness for every single human walking on earth. This training was exactly what I needed in order to not only find peace within myself but to help others find it in themselves too, by understanding what it is that is happening within us, or that we are not just a certain way because there is something wrong with us has been a huge piece of the puzzle that was missing.

This year I decided to finish the program off by taking the second year that is offered, so that by December 2023 I can become a certified Somatics Therapy Therapist, which was not included in the first year. This year we are going even deeper, and learning how to work with clients. 

In my yoga classes, I combine this knowledge that I have, I speak a lot about noticing the responses and reactions to the poses you’re in, and allowing students to become aware of what it is they are feeling because I find that sometimes we don’t even have the language to describe what it is we are experiencing. 

I believe every single one of us needs to be able to feel what we feel in order to process it and potentially be able to release it maybe not right away, but eventually, and that is what I want students to experience when they come to my classes, a release and finding that peace within themselves

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