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Are you worried that your infant, toddler or child is not meeting developmental milestones? 

Does your child seem to struggle with speech sounds or language?

Do they have a hard time communicating with others?

Does your child seem to struggle with regulating their emotions and behaviours?

Is your child difficult to understand?

We are here to help your children learn, grow and thrive.

how can speech language therapy benefit your child?

Our experienced Edmonton-based Speech Language Pathologists (SLP) offer personalized assessments and interventions for toddlers, preschoolers, and school-age children who struggle with speech and language development.

If your child is difficult to understand when they try communicating with you, we can help. Our Speech Language Pathologists will complete an assessment to diagnose the issue, then give recommendations for next steps, such as suggesting an application for government funded grants and/or provide speech and language therapy to target goals in a fun, friendly and effective manner

Early intervention is paramount.

SLP Services will be offered at our wellness clinic soon!
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therapy edmonton

Our Pediatric Speech Language Pathologists are passionate about working with you to help your child succeed at school, home and in the community. Our team values the involvement of parents/caregivers in a child’s therapeutic care. Sessions are family focused, meaning that parents are provided with practical strategies to practice at home with their child. We emphasize a holistic, family-centered approach, assessing and supporting your child using evidenced-based modalities in a fun, playful and creative way.

Areas of Specialty

Early Intervention

Early Literacy Skills

Language Acquisition and Expansion

Social Language Skills

Speech Sound Development (Articulation/Phonology/Apraxia)

the solace experience
our difference

Children learn best through play. Our Pediatric Speech Language Pathologists provide high-quality speech therapy in a fun, interactive manner to keep littles ones curious and engaged. 

Our team works with children who have a variety of complex communication needs and speech and language delays. We are competent and knowledgeable in completing comprehensive assessments for funding programs, and will liaise with other professionals supporting your child, such as teachers, pediatricians, and psychologists. 

We ensure to meet children and families where they are at and prioritize establishing a positive relationship while engaging in speech language work. Our goal is to teach children effective strategies to enhance their speech language skills, which often results in improved self-esteem, confidence, and overall communication and functioning.

Our team highly values the involvement of parents/caregivers in a child’s therapeutic care. Sessions are family-focused, meaning that parents are provided with practical strategies to practice at home with their child. 

  • Comprehensive assessments/reports
  • Interactive play therapy room
  • Creative child-centered therapy modalities
  • Guidance & support for parents/caregivers
  • Application of the latest techniques backed by research
  • Skillful & knowledgeable Pediatric Speech Language Pathologists
  • Collaborative approach within a multi-disciplinary team
  • Strategies to practice at home
When to access slp services
early intervention

Early intervention is essential, as misdiagnosed language delays and speech disorders can negatively impact a child’s development.

We are concerned when a child has:

less than 24 words at 20 months

less than 40 words at 2 years

not begun to combine words at 2 years

less than 100 words at 2.5 years

early intervention

Is your child a late talker? Do they have a diagnosed developmental disability that is impacting their communication development? Diagnosing and treating speech language problems early is the key to lifelong success. Babies and toddlers can show signs of speech language issues and we can help assess whether intervention is needed. If issues go untreated, children can suffer consequences pertaining to social development, learning and academics, and behavioural or emotional regulation.

social skills

Social development is a pivotal aspect of childhood. We help children learn skills to build and maintain friendships, create healthy boundaries, and improve positive communication and play with peers and family members. When children no longer struggle with expressing themselves, their relationships thrive.

speech sounds

Our Pediatric SLP team will help your child correct speech errors, enabling them to pronounce words correctly. We can assist with phonological disorders, articulation, and apraxia.

language skills

Children will learn to express their wants, needs and ideas more clearly, by expanding the number and type of words they can understand and use. Once they acquire language, they can use language to learn everything else! One of the best predictors of a child’s success in school, is the number of words they know going into kindergarten.

assessment & diagnosis

Our SLP team offers specialized assessments that may be used to access Program Unit Funding (PUF) and Family Support for Children with Disabilities (FSCD). We will consult with other professionals involved in the child’s care to complete a comprehensive assessment and report of your child’s functioning. Upon assessment, the SLP may offer recommendations or accommodations to promote greater success in school.

Let us help your child succeed!

speech language pathology edmonton

Speech Language Pathology is covered by most health benefit plans in Edmonton and across Alberta. We offer direct billing to most providers. 

*Please inquire with your provider about the health coverage of your specific policy*

virtual speech language therapy

for anyone in alberta

If you don’t live in Edmonton, don’t stress. We can provide secure virtual Speech Language Therapy to anyone in Alberta. We even have fun SLP games to keep children engaged online.

speech language pathology edmonton

virtual speech language therapy edmonton

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speech language pathology edmonton

speech language therapy edmonton alberta

speech language therapist edmonton alberta